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Allegra Midgette

Links to publications below:

Allegra J Midgette is a postdoctoral fellow at the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  She received her Ph.D. in Education at the University of California, Berkeley. Allegra graduated from Brown University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (Human Development) in the Spring of 2014, with honors, Magna Cum Laude, and Phi Beta Kappa. As a graduate student she worked with Larry Nucci in the DBME lab on a project to incorporate moral education into middle school history and social studies classes. She has conducted studies examining Chinese and South Korean children's moral reasoning regarding the fairness of the gendered division of labor, American children's and adolescents' social and moral transgressions and strategies for self-correction, and Korean adolescents' reasoning about social conventions. Her research interests include children’s moral and prosocial development (with a focus on equality, gratitude, and reciprocity), analyzing and integrating both developmental and cultural processes in understanding social development, and the development of educational interventions to support students' moral development.

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